Revamping a
Household Name

Oversaw the Copper Chef refresh to update pre-existing cookware and bakeware packaging, marketing materials, and brand standards guide. Lead the creative strategy for their signature Diamond, Black Diamond, and Titan series.

Role Scope: Art Direction – Brand Identity & Creative Strategy – Packaging – Marketing Design

Marketing Design
Copper Chef Bakeware Rebrand
The Challenge

The original packaging was underwhelming, outdated, and unmemorable. The insert showed no indication of content hierarchy or shelf appeal, the logo/endorser was lost in the design, and it showed minimal diversity of product application. The heavy usage of copper tones on the packaging ultimately blended into the product itself. Copper Chef had already established itself as a premier cookware brand. How could I elevate the brand to portray this?

The Solution

Revitalized packaging that entices visual stimuli, and offers consumer-relatable touchpoints. By introducing the new vibrant color palette and food visuals, the new packaging grabs consumers’ attention even before reading the content. The food styling evokes warmth, flavor, scent, and taste – all highlighting appetite appeal, and the connotation of human presence.

Packaging Design

Copper Chef Diamond was designed as a luxury line under the pretense of targeting an opulent demographic – now competing with Calphalon and Cuisinart. The packaging reflected a more refined allure as opposed to the original Copper Chef brand, which was designed for the DRTV/QVC market. Lead the entire creative process and oversaw the development of a brand style guide to ensure consistent personality and rich visual language.

The Challenge

The original box wrap made it hard to distinguish that there were 2 pieces in the set, diminishing the product value. The stick-on label constantly fell off, causing the packaging to lose all featured benefits information. Food photography was unappealing, and no imagery showed the pan in use. 

The Solution

Refreshed the 2-Piece set to reflect the updated Copper Chef brand personality. The visual content was more engaging and communicated information more effectively. Exclusive packaging design for Home Depot. 

Art Direction

Designed shot lists, hired talent, prop/food styling, set design, on-set creative direction, and image retouching for the below content.