Save your Dogs & Par!

Did someone say a hands-free Hot Dog holder? This golf accessory is placed in a cart allowing golfers the freedom to continue playing with their turn-dogs safe and secure. The branding and design direction was targeted at the “playful athlete”, driving sales for bachelor parties, a Father’s Day gift, a company retreat giveaway, and the fun stocking stuffer.

Role Scope: Brand Identity & Development – Packaging Design – Logo Design Art Direction

The Creative Brief

Design a logo, packaging, and brand identity that conveys the golf industry, product, and turnkey culture. The creative brief requested a “witty, playful, and relatable nature, but inappropriate at times”.

The Design

Focusing heavily on the male perspective and 1950s vintage illustration style. The typography is slightly whimsical and adds character. A warm color palette plays on the traditional diner tones of browns, reds, and yellows, which also entices the appetite. These visual elements tie together the whole brand story.