In collaboration with Driven Studio’s creative team, I had the ability to work extensively with Cabot Creamy and their sponsored associations. My responsibilities included brainstorming innovative concepts for promotional print collateral, web banners, and event signage. 



Full Circle Festival

The Full Circle Festival was an event to create a new vision of aging and celebrating the life of the human journey. Performances, workshops, films and art exhibits inspired community collaboration and shared experiences. These were the posters that were printed and displayed around Burlington, Vermont for the 2014 Full Circle Festival.




COTS (The Committee on Temporary Shelter)

COTS provides emergency shelter, services, and housing for people who are homeless or marginally housed in Vermont. Cookies for Good began in 2008 when Cabot Creamery approached COTS with the idea to bake cookies, and sell them to support homeless shelters and homelessness prevention programs in Vermont. Below are the web banner advertisements designed to market efforts for Cookies for Good.