In 2016, Healthy Living’s creative team and I revamped the Brand Standards Manual to target their new & current consumer demographics. As part of the company-wide rebrand, we quintessentially revived Healthy Living’s logo in a collaboration with Graphic Designer, Aaron Draplin. Below is our magical modernization of the harshly outdated Healthy Living logo.


The intention of updating Healthy Living’s logo was to develop a clear and readable mark, unlike the original logo. The apple-heart mark references the soul of Healthy Living, which is the local farmers who wholeheartedly grow our food.

Shifting the brand standards to stay competitive and fresh amongst the ever-changing grocery industry was an update imperative to continue enticing the current clientele and target millennials, who was quickly becoming the new primary audience. The colors really come alive with all types of mediums including paper bags, stickers, fabrics, recycled containers, etc. The contrast in the bright color palette denotes optimism and a modern design aesthetic.