Design Overhaul
for Insurance Company

Jorgensen & Company’s brand was outdated and visually didn’t fit their client demographic. After gaining an understanding of the design and accessibility in the insurance industry I created design solutions that elevated the brand to align with customer expectations. From logo ideation to a visual identity rebrand, the new direction is consistent, establishes business trust, and properly embodies the level of professionalism offered.

Role Scope: Brand Identity – Logo Design – Brand Development

Website Design
Logo Redesign

A good mark requires careful consideration for all elements of its whole: typography details, graphic styles and pairings, scale-ability, visual weight, adaptability, and implementation across all brand platforms. The following options have been explicitly curated to consider these parameters.

The various lengths in the logomark reference the different levels of coverage within the insurance company, while the san serif type and clean lines embody sophistication and professionalism.

Brand Standards Guide