The Emergent Media Center’s creative team was commissioned by Doug Allbee, co-founder of ViewBoost, to design a location discovery and travel mobile app.



To ensure we captured the envisioned product, the creative team, client, and marketing agents collaborated to design a high-quality dynamic logo and brand identity inspired by a nostalgic retro mood board. The brand was heavily inspired by old 1960s diner signage and car emblems for an “off the beaten path” influence.

My contributions to the interactive app were cognitively designed to provide an experience that engaged tourists, families, and millennial travelers. Considering the wide demographic determined the use of large easily-legible typefaces, bright engaging colors, and reactionary icons to guarantee a positive user experience for all ages. designs for the interactive app and assets for the software developers.





MY ROLE: Interaction Design, Web Design, UI and UX Design, Logo & Brand Identity